The first photographs from this series were taken back in the analogue era, in the mid 1980's. Other than several exhibitions in Poland, the author has purposely not published or exhibited the images broadly, nor entered any international contests with the work, so as to preserve their exclusive nature. This makes it possible to build an entire story of enduring artistic endeavour around a major public unveiling.

Mysteriously beautiful and enchanting in their surprising aesthetic, these works have not been used commercially. The author, art photographer Janusz Kobylinski has pursued this secret passion for decades, building up a portfolio of works of unrivalled complexity and depth. Their time has come.

It is somewhat incredible that throughout the last three decades nothing comparable has emerged out of the dynamic changes which have caused a major disruption to photography in terms of both technology and aesthetics. This is perhaps because the initial idea needs to be followed by precise, measured execution of each frame - with the image pre-visualised in the artist's mind's eye before the shutter is pressed and the subtle ballet required to make each photograph is performed. Each photograph is therefore entirely different and unique. Partitures are recorded on traditional material, analogue film, with each frame executed in a brief moment of precisely choreographed movement - same as they have been since the beginning of the project when Photoshop had not even been dreamt of.

The artist, Janusz Kobylinski, was President of the exclusive Polish Union of Art Photographers during the 1990's. As one of only three Polish photographers he was selected with his work "To be war not to be?" to take part in 1994 WCPP world traveling exhibition, organised to commemorate 150 years of the photographic medium.

PARTITURES are available:
- 100x60 cm (picture 90x39cm, as exhibition) - paper PHOTO WORMTON RC 250g, printer and pigment EPSON.
- 160x68 cm print format on CANVAS material, pigment Nano EcoSolvent - with a wooden stile in this size.
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